Final Workshop

The Final LLM workshop entitled "Driving Innovation in Psychosocial Care: Addressing Cognitive Deterioration in the Ageing Process" held in Salamanca, at the 13th December 2011. A selected audience was invited to inform about the Long Lasting Memories project, introduce to the technical components, show the scientific basis and demonstrate preliminary scientific results as well as present business aspects and raise further awareness of the project. The audience was composed of scientists, medical doctors, potential stakeholders, service providers, project members and partners. Amongst participants, 47 professionals of more than 25 organizations participated at the whole event and 10 social-health professionals, coming from 3 different user organizations, took part at the guided visit at the technologies exhibition. Three lectures and 2 workshops were followed by a round table discussion to promote an exchange between the members of the project, scientists, stakeholders and end-user organisations. Additionally, other projects in the aging research field are presented to inform about the most current innovations for the elderlies.

Scientific results of the LLM consortium were presented showing that the LLM intervention leads to significant improvements in the cognitive performance of the participants. The most astonishing results was a tremendous improvement in a group of demented patients as presented by the trial site in Athens. The LLM intervention is an efficacious treatment that is technically and scientifically at the top of the currently available solutions for improving health in the elderly.