Fundacion INTRAS is a non-profit private institution formed in August 1994. Its principal aim is to improve the quality of life of people with healthcare, socio-health, social and labour insertion needs (e.g. people with mental disorders, disabilities, the elderly, etc.) by providing assistance and social services and promoting research, development and innovation in the field of mental health.
Currently, INTRAS is composed of 8 centres in 2 different provinces in Spain where 63 professionals, mainly in Psychiatry and Psychology, combine assistance, research and training.

In order to achieve its goals, INTRAS carries out the following activities:

Psycho-social rehabilitation and labour integration programmes, aimed at people at risk of social exclusion, especially people with mental illness.
Special needs educational programmes for young people
Research, technical development and innovation activities. Implementation of technological progresses on mental health and other disabilities.
National, European and Development Cooperation projects in the field of R&D, social assistance, treatment, training and education, etc, to favour the social inclusion of  the target groups

Within the Research, Development and Innovation Area, INTRAS promotes the development and testing of ICT solutions to be used in the Neuropsychological field, in order to provide high quality socio- health assistance. Furthermore, it has solid experience in  projects management and has coordinated and been a member of several partnerships in a large number of European and National R&D projects in brain sciences, mainly under the Health programme and IV, V and VI Framework Programme.

It must also be highlighted that INTRAS has received the EFQM certificate (European Foundation for Quality Management) for business excellence in its European Quality (bronze seal).


Contact info:

Henar Conde Valdivieso 
Head of Projects Department
Santa Lucia N? 19 1? Planta, 47005 Valladolid (ESPANA).
Phone: 0034983 399 633
Fax: 0034983 217 565.
Email: projd@intras.es