Global Security Intelligence is a UK-based research consultancy, primarily focused upon the use of new and emerging technologies intended to improve independent living for the elderly. Our work in this area looks at a broad range of issues related to independent living and assistive technologies, from high-level concerns in the area of policy and planning, to more practical aspects of deployment and pilot management. Many of these technologies include the integration of new sensors and systems intended to monitor the health and well-being of elderly individuals in the home environment, largely aiming to provide timely alerts to caregivers when behaviors or activities are outside of what may be deemed as a norm for the individual. GSI also performs empirical research, publishing papers on topics related to safety, security, and independent living, with research on topics of common interest published on its website. Other aspects of GSI’s research include:


  • user needs analysis

  • technologies for independent living

  • technology pilot design and management

  • clinical research methodologies and implementation

  • market and economic analysis of technology and policy development

  • ethical and socio-cultural studies, including privacy and social inclusion impacts of technology

  • training development and delivery


Examples of research being conducted now by GSI in this area includes: Social, Ethical, and Privacy Needs in ICT for Older People: A Dialogue Roadmap (SENIOR - www.seniorproject.eu), HAPPY AGEING (under AAL Call 1) focused upon development of tools/aids to address mild cognitive decline. GSI has also recently received a grant under the Eurostars program, focused upon developing IPTV application marketplace through the creation of secure channels of communication. This is significant in particular for the elderly, who may not own, or be comfortable interfacing with, a PC, but who would be able to make use of the TV as an interface to all types of e-services, from commercial to social, to government resources.


Contact Details:

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Global Security Intelligence Limited

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+ 44 (0) 20-7096-0614