A software house established in 1989 and based in Valencia, Spain, IDI EIKON is a Services Provider Company in the areas of Telecommunication and the Internet. Its core business is the development of advanced IT and Internet-based technologies for specialist markets. 

Research & Development

We are considered a R&D performing SME since we devote a high percentage of our resources (more than 60%) to research and innovation. IDI EIKON has two objectives for Research and Development: supporting the improvement of operational performance and enhancing existing expertise.

IDI EIKON has strongly been committed since 1999 in investing resources in research, development and technological innovation not only at a national, but also at international level, by participating in National and European programmes.


eInclusion & eAccessibility

IDI EIKON is actively involved in the emerging fields of ambient assisted living and other ICT-enabled assistive technologies and applications (ICT-enabled wellness, telecare, homecare and telemedicine services, prevention and management of chronic conditions, portable medical or paramedical monitoring devices, etc.).

eInclusion and eAccesibility are our two focus in this field and we use the opportunities provided by ICT by applying them to solutions and services for increased societal and political participation, a higher Quality of Life and new ways of independent living.

IDI EIKON main tasks in Long Lasting Memories are leadership of WP5: “Planning for sustainability and key contribution to WP4: “Deployment & Operation”. They will also support partner INTRAS in the deployment of the Spanish pilot.

Contact Person:  Miguel Alborg

Partner name:  IDI EIKON

Partner address:  C/Benjamín Franklin, 27 –

                 Parque Tecnológico de Valencia

                 46980 Paterna – Valencia (Spain)

Partner Telephone: +34 96 112 40 00

Partner emails:  alborg@idieikon.com; jfarinos@idieikon.com

Partner website address: http://www.idieikon.com