The Cognitive Neurology -Extrapyramidal Disorders Unit of the Department of Neurology at Eginition Hospital, Medical School, University of Athens, was founded in 2003. In this Unit, patients with various kinds of cognitive disorders are hospitalized. The Unit has a strong interest in patients with very mild cognitive changes (patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment) as well as for atypical, early-onset or rapidly progressive dementia cases and also cases with Parkinson’s disease or various diseases associating parkinsonism and dementia. The comprehensive evaluation of these patients includes clinical, neuropsychological, electrophysiological (EEG and polysomnography) , imaging (MRI and SPECT) and neurochemical (CSF biomarkers) investigations. After their hospitalization, patients are regularly followed-up in the Unit, in an out patient basis. The Unit has 13 beds. Unit personnel includes: 2 academic neurologists, 1 attending neurologist, 2 neurologists in postgraduate training (PhD candidates), 2 neuropsychologists and 4 residents in neurology.