Paris Workshop

On the 18th and 19th of October 2010 the LLM project participated in two different workshops held in Paris. Specifically:


Monday, October the 18th 2010
Final Public Workshop of the Consortium of the project T-Seniority:
"Expanding the benefits of Information Society to Older People through digital TV channels"
The event has taken place in Paris, at the EFREI Campus, 30-32 Avenue de la République, 94800 Villejuif, Paris.

Projects Round Table
Press Dossier





Proceedings of the meeting/conference day organized by E-Seniors
on the subject of  "Games for Health and Active Aging
On Tuesday, October the 19th 2010
Venue: Paris’ 11th arrondissement Town Hall, “Salle des Fêtes”.


Introduction Welcome  and opening speeches
Mrs Monique EPSTEIN Founder- Director of  E-Seniors
Mr Patrick BLOCHE Member of Parliament , Mayor of the 11th arrondissement of Paris
Mrs Liliane CAPELLE  Assistant Deputy Mayor in charge of seniors and the intergenerational link
Mr Panagiotis D. BAMIDIS Assistant Professor, Medical School Aristotle University of Thessaloniki  (GR)
M. Sébastien BACHOLLET E-seniors Institute : why for?
Vice-President ALAC (At-Large Advisory Committee) ICANN  European users representative
European Projects and Partners

The use of game consoles for the prevention of falls (ppt)

Dr Murray GRIFFIN, Practitioner Psychologist
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Essex (UK)  Colchester, Essex  - UK

"Dance Dance Revolution" or "DDR" (Dance pads connected to the computer) adapted for use by seniors  (ppt, paper)

Dr Paola BERTONE, Geriatric specialist  -San Giovanni Battista Hospital - Turin -  (IT)

A system for virtual rehabilitation developed for people who have to exercise regularly as part of a rehabilitation program and specifically designed for elderly users (ppt)

Joris WIERSINGA , Co-founder of SilverFit Company Alphen aan den Rijn – (NL)

Fit For All is a  game platform that can help elderly people to exercise and maintain physical fitness and well being through an innovative, low-cost ICT platform, such as Wii Balance Board (more explanations)

Antonis BILLIS, Msc in Medical Informatics - Medical School (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki -Thessaloniki)
Break :  Refreshments, Demonstrations and Games
Games on Wii console / WII-FIT and other fitness  equipment :  bike +DDR  
Fitness for seniors demonstration  In addition to exercises on equipment By a group of German seniors from Selb – Bavaria  -  with their coach Claudia LEHMANN
European Projects and Partners
Presentation of the 1rst game model of the SG CogR project
Serious Game for Cognitive Rehabilitation
By the winner of the tender for "serious games" in 2009 (pdf)
Eudes MENAGER  de FROBERVILLE, in charge of company development - TEKNEO SAS - Paris
The therapeutic aspect of video games (ppt) Michael STORA, A psychologist and psychoanalyst. He has used for many years video games as therapy for children and adolescents. He is also the author of "Healing through the  virtual" -  Paris
The MINWii Project: Renarcissisation of Patients Suffering from Alzheimer's Disease through Video Game-Based Music Therapy (ppt) Samuel BENVENISTE, Computer Research Center – CRI MINES ParisTech - Fontainebleau(FR)
This research is directed by Pierre JOUVELOT
Positive gaming-  iDance system - Brainbike Interactive lightwall specialized equipment which transforms the tedious exercises into enjoyable  playing for audiences of all ages and all levels who wish to improve their quality of life and health (ppt) Jean-Marc CHARPENTIER, President of Hitech Fitness Company    Sophia-Antipolis – (FR)