Spanish trials

Spain: INTRAS (LLM partner No.7) tested the LLM solution in three provinces of the region of Castilla-León (Zamora, Valladolid and Salamanca), which is the Spanish region with a high percentage of elderly people and in the city of Vigo. The LLM services involve 200 patients in 3 Memory Clinics, an Alzheimer’s Center and 3 Residential Facilities. INTRAS, having developed its own software for memory training (GRADIOR), tested the physical component with both the BrainFitness software and the Gradior software. The BrainFitness was tested in one of the Memory Clinics and one Residential Facility while the Gradior was tested in the other 2 Memory Clinics, 2 Residential Facilities and the Alzheimer’s Center. Pilot sites included: Memory Clinics, Valladolid & Zamora; Alzheimer Reference Center, Salamanca; Residential Facility, Valladolid; Residential Facility, Zamora; Residential Facility, Vigo.