The LLM platform was designed to comprise of three existing interoperable components which perform complementary and interactive tasks to provide the system’s services: 

  • the Physical Training Component (PTC)
  • the Cognitive Training Component (CTC)
  • the Independent Living Component (ILC)


The PTC is based on the Fit For All system developed by the Lab of Medical Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Fit For All is a game platform that can help elderly people to exercise and maintain their physical status and well being through an innovative, low-cost ICT platform, such as Wii Balance Board. 


The CTC is designed to support cognitive exercises provided by specialised software. Two CTC components have been selected:

BrainFitness is considered as a state-of-the-art product in the United States. It speeds up and sharpens auditory processing - the listening system of the brain. By improving the quantity and quality of what your brain takes in through sound, it drives an overall improvement in thinking, focus, and memory.

Gradior is a program which offers a structured evaluation and neuropsychological rehabilitation system. This system permits cognitive training and the recovery of higher cognitive functions in people who show cognitive deficit / deterioration with few technical requirements for the therapist or the professional that supervises the performance of the elderly individual.

The ILC is based on the eHome system, which is comprised of a network of distributed wirelessly operating sensor units connected to an embedded PC. It includes features such as intelligent learning of normal and exceptional patterns of behaviour (dangerous situations or indicators for emerging health problems), raising of alarms and as an option an intelligent power outlet for controlling