is a specialized consultancy working with organisations and companies that are involved or wishing to participate in Research & Development projects. Tero offers to its partners a combination of experience in technology and business issues, enabling them to develop new products and technologies, new work methods and organizational processes. Tero is also an institutional partner of the Innovation Pole of the Region of Central Macedonia in Greece. 

The services of Tero span the full life cycle of a project, from conceptualisation and strategic planning to project implementation and management. Specific services include identification of opportunities and evaluation of project ideas, review and evaluation of research proposals, project management, and business planning.  

The main contribution of Tero in the LLM project is to guide dissemination and exploitation activities, to identify and assess the social and economic drivers for the deployed technology, and to lead to the development of a service that fully meets consumer standards and demands, also ensuring that solid IPR arrangements are present.  

Contact info: 

Stratos Arampatzis

Tero Ltd

21 Antoni Tritsi st.

57001 Thessaloniki


tel. +302310804900

email: llm [at] tero.gr