Deliverables of Long Lasting Memories project

D 1.4 Final report

The final report is intended for public distribution and comprises a comprehensive summary of results, conclusions and the socio-economic impacts of the project. The report shall be formatted to be printed as a standalone paper document. This report should address a wide audience, including the general public. It describes the work carried out to achieve the project's objectives; the main results, conclusions and their potential impact and use (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project).

D 2.1 Dissemination plan

A detailed description of the overall project dissemination strategy.

D 2.2 Web site construction

The purpose of this report is to give account of the successful implementation of the LLM Website.

D 2.3 Project leaflet / fact sheet

This Deliverable includes a printout of the most important item of project dissemination, the LLM leaflet and the description of the project fact sheet.

D 2.4 Report on offline marketing material dissemination

This dissemination report covers the pre-piloting stage (month 1-10) of the project during which our target was to raise awareness on the upcoming pilots.

D 2.5 Introductory Workshop Report

The purpose of this deliverable us to report the 1st Workshop held in Athens on 20th may 2010.

D 2.6 Qualitative analysis of the mailing list_network of interest

The purpose of this document is to analyze the LLM Network of Interest (NoI) developed within the first year of the project.

D 2.7 Final LLM workshop report

Aim of this Deliverable is to report from the 2nd LLM workshop held on December 13 in Salamanca, Spain.

D 3.1 LLM technical and operational specifications - Integration design

This deliverable presents the final service operational and technical specifications and design for the integration of the three components of LLM.

D 4.2 Training material and QoS Assurance

This deliverable presents the Pilot Quality of Service Assurance & Training Guide providing an overview of the key activities that have been designed to assure the effective and consistent conduct of the pilot across the five pilot countries.

D 5.2 Identification of national stakeholders in terms of local health and social care public authorities related financial models

The aim of this report is to identify for each pilot country the stakeholders of the LLM service as well as the corresponding existing financial model.

D 5.3: LLM Business Plan

The main objective of this report is to support the LLM partners in elaborating effective and sustainable exploitation plans for the developed products / solutions / services, to provide them with useful information on the specific market segment including a competitive analysis and to drive their activities towards solutions able to meet the acceptance of the market and therefore with a high level of exploitability.

D 6.1 National and European legislation on the clinical care trials and eCare systems

This deliverable provides all the participants in the LLM Project with background on the legal framework applicable to the development of the LLM solution, as well as to the ethical conduct of the pilot of LLM (which includes human subjects) within a European context.

D 6.3 National and European Security and Certification Requirements Including Issues of Liability

Report on National & European Security and Certification Requirements & Issues of Liability, in order to provide the necessary background on specific security issues and certification procedures that must be addressed for the successful market deployment of the LLM service and its compliance with international and European security policies and standards.

D 6.4 Ethical Guidelines Report

This document outlines the set of basic principles that the LLM project partners should aim to adhere to when making balanced ethical decisions during the life of the project.